It’s time to stand out online with a strategic brand identity that tells your story, attracts your people, and makes sales on autopilot.



I don’t design logos. Why not? Because I want you to reach even your biggest goals… and a logo isn’t going to move the needle.

At Waldridge Web Co, we equip our creative clients with a brand identity that works for them. Sure, your brand identity includes a logo, but it starts with strategy and encompasses every visual aspect of your communication and online presence. 


A logo won’t
make you money…

an intentional, researched 

 your sales.



a logo wont make you money...

A professional brand identity gives you everything you need to show up + stand out


You're ready for brand design if you...

Keep everything streamlined from your website to socials, emails, and packaging


Never share your website/socials with friends, because you're disappointed in the way it looks?


- Makayla Thomas

After seeing some of Hannah’s work I began to consider revamping my website. It took a bit to pull the trigger because my site was already “okay” the way that it was and it was functional so I really didn’t think it was THAT necessary. I was SO wrong. She took all of my ideas, my style, and my brand and made it into everything I could’ve wanted and more. My conversion rates have skyrocketed and I have no doubt a huge part of that is because of my revamped site!! Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, trendy, and cohesive but it’s functional, informative, and the ease of access makes it so conducive to sales. My only regret is not reaching out to her sooner!! 

- Tara Sutton

I can’t say enough good things about working with Hannah. I’ve had the same logo for the past 8 years. It has been called cheap, and did not serve me well as a “brand” but more so just a logo to use on Etsy. Now that I’m building my own Shopify website, I needed a brand that truly represented me and my offerings. This was not an easy task, as I’m more of a gift shop (with varied products) vs niched business like a bakery or photographer. I had previously worked with 3 other designers who just did not get me. Hannah took the time to really dive into my business, where I started, who I’m attracting and where I want to go. These details helped building out a branding suite that I am proud to use, and will truly take my e-commerce to the next level. Thank you Hannah - you were a pleasure to work with, patient, kind and overall incredible!

step three

If you choose to move forward with a website, we will hop on another call to discuss the details needed for the website, I will then create wireframe mockups, get those approved, then develop the designs into a functional site through Showit! PS- the integrations are endless! Blogging, Digital Products, (limited) Shopify, Email Marketing... You name it!

website design

step two

Once the creative direction is approved, now it's time to design the entire identity! I will present the entire concept, with help of real-life mockups and imagery to help you truly visualize it. If there are revision, we'll knock those out... if not, time to export and deliver your final files!

brand identity

step one

Once we have you onboarded and your project start date rolls around, we'll hop on a brand strategy workshop call to dive deeper into the nitty-gritty of your business! After this, I will take all this new information, PLUS the information from your questionnaire and pinterest board, and create a 25-page document that outlines the entire foundation of your business...including a creative direction!

Brand strategy

How my process works:

i'm ready for this.

A brand that you are PROUD to show off
A professional presence that will get you seen
A elevated level of your business, goals, and where it's headed!

you'll leave with:

Most clients utilize my flexible payment
plan options!

starting at

Brand Strategy Workshop + 25 Page Strategy Document

Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Submark, Font Pairings, Color Palette, Iconography, Brand Pattern, Elements, Social Media Templates + more!

All Final Files with every color variation (PNG, SVG)

Brand Guidelines Document, Template links, & a branded thank you gift!


BRand Identity


Everything from Brand Identity Package

5-Page custom ShowIt Website (Including Basic SEO)

Integrations such as Shopify, Wordpress, Email Marketing, Calendly, CRMs, you name it!

Complete configuration with Domain transfer, DNS settings, and any other embedded code

How-To videos showing how to edit/adjust anything on website after our time working together is up!

i'm ready for this.

A brand that you are PROUD to show off
A professional presence that will get you seen
A elevated level of your business, goals, and where it's headed!

you'll leave with:

Most clients utilize my flexible payment
plan options!

starting at


BRand Identity + Website


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